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How to Find the Right SEO Company For Your Business?

With the advent of technology, the philosophy behind running business has changed. In the olden times, traditional businesses had a restricted technology accessibility. They also had a limited customer base in their own local limits. Businesses then barely made an effort to reach out to new buyers. Their greed was not infinite and so was their earning potential. Brands manufactured their products and sold them available at economical prices.


Whereas the current scenario in the business world has drastically transformed. Modern companies have devised their own unique techniques and methods of connecting with their consumers. In this digitization world, there is a term which is heard more than often. It is search engine optimization. For a layman who is not privilege enough to enjoy the benefits of technology, it is quite difficult to dive into the technicalities of this new world. As much as technology has made lives easier, it has also created busy lifestyles. With the prevailing ‘smart’ culture, people search for different brands and products online sitting in the comfort of their living rooms.


Suppose, you run a brand that offers top-notch quality cosmetic products at reasonable prices. Now the question arises, how will the women and salons know about the existence of your cosmetic company. It is through search engines like Google and Bing. However, it is not a cakewalk to get recognized by these top search engines. You need to integrate several strategies, techniques and tactics to improve your Google ranking and digital visibility. This complete process is termed as search engine optimization. SEO is a technical subject which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Entrepreneurs have to seek assistance of a SEO company that has relevant expertise and knowledge about the search engines, search queries and various market competitors.


With a plethora of SEO companies, it is challenging to get your hands on the right SEO Company. However, with a little research you can find an authentic digital marketing agency that has solutions to your internet marketing issues. Before collaborating with a SEO company, do a thorough background check about them. Go to their website and extract information about their past projects. Mostly, every company claims to be the best but only a handful of companies is worth your investment. Even if your friend refers you to an online marketing company, do not rely on it. As search engine marketing campaigns are client-specific. May be, the professionals brought SEO to your friend’s website but the results can significantly vary in your case. So, make a wise decision taking into account all the pros and cons.


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How To Design An Ecommerce Return Policy That Brings Customers Together?

Earlier return policies was a guarantee for product quality. But in recent times, return policies are also used as a marketing tool by ecommerce platforms to build a genuine relationship with the customers. Professionals from website marketing company Dubai identifies that customers are nowadays taking keen interest in understanding the return policies before engaging with ecommerce brand. Effective return policy can give buyers confidence to buy products from the platform.


In this post, we will discuss six ways to create a return policy that shows trust


1. Make it easy on the eyes of the users

Consumers find non trustworthy to ecommerce brands which does allow proper readability of the return policies. It can seen as an attempt to distract customers. It may happen that customers may prefer bouncing out of the site on the account of having not so clear return policy. The easiest way to make your return policy readable is by using visual storytelling. No need to use jargons, make use of white space and easy read, simply the procedure within three steps. Once customers understand the return policy and become more confident.


2. Make sure that your staff know your return policy

Your customer services team should be well versed with your return policy and capable to handle return procedure within time. If there is a knowledge gap in return policy, there can be a chaotic situation. Give close attention to training and development to make your team fully aware of your return policy. Make sure not to argue with your customer, simply ask them why and then respond but don’t react.


3. Give recommendations post return

Take a customer centric approach for your return policies. You can create a personalized experience for customers who are using the return policy. Consider understanding what users didn’t like about the product and why. You can use this information to recommend to merchandise that can fit well with customers needs.


4. Give customers considerate time for returns

According to study conducted by ecommerce web design Dubai consultant, the longer is deadline in return policy, the lesser are your returns. A comfortable extension make people feel comfortable about their purchase. A long period of extension kills the urgency factor in return policy. The pressure of creating quick result makes it easy for customers to sit with product and analyse. This way they gain trust towards the product.


5. Online return management portal

In order to provide best of shopping experience give customers more control over the return process. A centralized return system portal help customers to implement the return policy without the supervision of customer service team. You can include shipping options, refund method and more can be done by clicking buttons.


6. Flaunt it

Consider mentioning your return policy on the website during customer correspondence, order receipt and packaging. The customers should have the opportunity to review the return policy. This way the policy gets in front of the customers in every way. You can connect with customers on the channels which are most active. You can create videos, blogs, tutorials to attract more attention.


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In short, these are some way which you can better engagement of customers within your ecommerce platform by offering a trustworthy return policy.


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